Our online marketing services are search engine & social media activation, and bespoke software development

We assist our clients by activating online activity around search or social media, and have built them small pieces of software that speak to specific web data needs within an organisation.

Our digital marketing programmes are based on our research functions and strategy design, and usually develop based on a test-and-learn strategy.

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Improving your visibility in search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing comprises both the disciplines of search engine optimisation – “SEO” – and paid search bid management – “PPC”. Our speciality and experience lie primarily in SEO, which focusses on earning attention through quality content, but our knowledge of keyword patterns and rigourous approach to data management means that we are capable in PPC, if required.

Our search campaigns are characterised by a focus on content and making a site's structure fully understandable to the search engines. For larger sites, in particular, we are adept at determining and implementing an optimum site structure, focussing attention on the most valuable pages to our clients.

We pay careful attention to our client's project management and account management needs, and our programmes are characterised by a careful analysis of both project status, and website performance.


A small selection of our extensive network of contacts.

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Facilitating a relationship between consumers and your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, as a term, is something of a misnomer. It covers a broad range of activities, from so-called "outreach", through the configuration of Facebook or Twitter pages, through to the creation of bespoke mobile or desktop applications.

Mavens regards approaches this discipline from a user-centric viewpoint. That is, we look at the natural ways in which communities of individuals have grown up online – usually around topics of interest, though more rarely around demographics – and encourage our clients to consider how they can provide benefits to those communities.

We are proficient in the use of the major hosting services like YouTube, Flickr, Scribd, and the aforementioned Facebook and Twitter, as well as more internal focussed services, like Basecamp, or Yammer.

While we are generally skilled in online conversation and facilitation, there are several communities where our analysts have longstanding experience and contacts; these are gaming, art, and automotive. Please bear in mind that we regard this medium as applicable for dialogue, not for a monologue or free advertising.

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Design and build of small software applications.

Bespoke Software

While the majority of our development work is focussed on our toolset, we are also capable of small-scale application design and build, with a particular focus on web scraping and content analysis. Working primarily in Python, our development team has a strong background in mobile software build using the agile method.

For companies that rely on the web heavily, and with long development cycles and change request times, we are a useful alternative to pilot approaches to solving particular data manipulation problems.