Website Optimisation

A case study on the rethinking and re-launching a website, improving its online performance and expanding its presence to achieve a reach of over a million people within a year.

The Client

The consumer advice arm of a global Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company.

The Brief

Our client – whose portfolio of brands includes many home cleaning products – had developed an online information resource to solve cleaning problems. They knew that, potentially, the site could attract high volumes of traffic. The question was why it was not achieving this potential.

Our client wanted to ‘win at search’ and relied on Mavens’ digital expertise and data analysis to help them understand how best to gain greater numbers of visitors. We then took these findings and transformed them into a winning strategy – with the expert search engine optimisation and creative copy of Mavens’ agency team.

The Process

Website Audit

We first conducted a full website audit to identify where the site could be improved and the opportunities it was missing. Naturally, one of the first tools we turned to was keyword research. We pinpointed the precise search terms consumers used when looking for cleaning solutions online – as well as the most popular topics.

Keyword Research

We then developed content plans and comprehensive keyword data sets, matching the most in-demand content with the keywords that consumers would instinctively use to find such content. After this, the next step was to produce the informative, yet well-optimised content required, using the extensive copywriting and content development resources within our agency division.

Performance Monitoring

Once the website had been refreshed with more relevant, targeted content, we monitored its performance, using our in-depth knowledge of analytics to refine our strategies along the way. We also supported the site’s online presence by undertaking content marketing activities, gaining invaluable links from influential bloggers.

The Results

Before we joined the project, this cleaning website was only live in the UK and received just a handful of page views.  64% of their traffic came from ads (either direct or display) and the other 36% came predominately from IP addresses belonging to the client itself or its agencies.

A year after we began work on the project, the site was live in 9 markets. We produced hundreds of new pages of optimised content and saw powerful results:

  • over 1 million visits per year to the UK site, all from organic search, and still growing; and
  • over 3 million organic visits per year, across the other 8 markets, and growing.

The UK site performed so well that the client commissioned us to create content and strategies for sister websites in nine other markets.

We provided locally relevant content for each of these markets, and also arranged for its translation into local languages – and carefully choreographed each market’s website launch. Taken as a whole, these sites have over 2,500 front-page ranking search terms, resulting in organic search traffic that would have cost several million pounds to achieve via paid search.

In addition, the SEO strategies that we applied to the original UK site saw our work nominated for two awards, and win one of the client’s internal awards. We went on to work on a number of other projects with the client, across many other sectors of their organization – they continue to see great results from our work.

Client Testimonial

Mavens were key in the success we’ve achieved. From a small project… to the best SEO platform in [the company] in one year was very impressive. But what makes me even more pleased is how much I have learnt from their expertise!

—Planning Manager, Digital Marketing Services