Market Analysis & Keyword Research

Case study on market needs analysis for pre-campaign optimisation.

The Client

A world-leading producer of kitchen appliances.

The Brief

The client needed our help to maximise their organic search potential in the run-up to a new campaign. This work would form the basis of page optimisation, content creation, and content marketing efforts used to support the campaign while live.

This required us to draw upon our extensive knowledge of keyword research to define the best possible focus keywords for the campaign’s organic search growth.

The Process

Data collection and analysis

We began by collecting data on consumer search habits within the kitchen appliance category. This yielded a significant corpus of metadata around trends, seasonality, competitiveness, and consumer demographics. We also used a programmatic scraping process to ascertain the most important sites in terms of content and search authority for our client’s category and markets.

We supplemented this initial scraping with a high-level analysis to categorise the customers’ search language, allowing us to create a clear picture of the client’s potential buyers and their thought processes. Our metadata and site data sources were then used to build a full network analysis of the sites and content relevant to the category, to help complete the picture of our client’s optimum searching environment.

The Result

Using these methods, we were able to rank some 2,000 major keywords used to search around the client’s category. We then presented the client with the top 50 keywords for each market on which to focus their search efforts, based on their relevancy, frequency of use, seasonality, and long term trends in consumer interest.

Beyond this, we were able to bring our formidable customer insight capabilities to bear on this keyword library, delivering the following benefits:


We used a two-tier keyword categorisation matrix across all the search terms used in the category to show our client the key themes of their customers’ interest. This allowed us to bring a greater level of tactical depth to our clients’ search strategy, and suggest additional keywords of importance to target each demographic constituency of their market.

Content Planning

We applied our current and historical seasonal and trend data in a predictive capacity. This has allowed us to help the client plan their content schedule for maximum impact.

We have since continued to work with our client to optimise and plan their content, and to ensure continued organic search growth for their sites.