Industry & Target Market Analysis

Case study concerning informing the digital strategy for a new shaving product, covering the UK, US, and German markets.

The Client

A leading male grooming product manufacturer.

The Brief

“What do consumers across the shaving category worry about? We know this is a highly engaged demographic, and that consumers use our products every day, but how can we continuously engage with them online in an efficient, effective manner?”

These are some of the pressing questions our client wanted to answer. Working from the analysis provided, our client wanted to be able to confidently devise the most effective digital strategy possible for their new product.

Specifically, they called upon Mavens’ unique approach to digital market opportunity analysis to help them identify and tap into networks of relevant consumer demand and discussion, and formulate a strategy for turning this data into sales.

This meant finding out where consumers were talking about the topic of shaving (and relevant issues), the kind of things they were saying, and what their needs were – giving the brand invaluable advice on what to say to consumers and (equally importantly) where to say it.

The Process

Keyword research & Content optimisation

Our first step was to examine the kind of language people in each market use around the brand and the sector category – and the online arenas where these terms crop up most. This alerted the client to key sources of consumer discourse in the form of blogs, websites, and forums that could be used to gauge public opinion.

More importantly, though, our industry analysis revealed the exact terms consumers search for when looking for products across the category. These findings were then used to optimise their websites, communications, and advertising to attract more consumers to the brand.

Digital Marketing Research

We then determined which websites, forums, review sites, and social networks held most influence with their target market, using precise mathematical modelling. Again, our client could use this information to gain insight into consumer thinking, and identify which social networks would be most beneficial as part of their digital strategy and reach efforts.

Our findings were presented in an interactive workshop focusing on strategic recommendations and detailed insights.

The Results

Our research unearthed a series of findings that shaped our client’s global and local strategies. Here are two of the most important findings from our research for each market – and why they were important for our client:

Global Traffic Measurement

In the UK, “Movember” is hugely important, while in Germany ‘three day stubble’ is a popular look. Meanwhile, in the USA YouTube is more prominent in searches, particularly with regards to humorous content. Mavens worked closely with the client to develop a digital strategy that delivered a globally aligned message, whilst still making allowances for locally important trends.

Customer Demographic Insight

We also identified specific differences between the concerns of younger and older consumers, across all three markets. In the UK, for instance, irritation, hair styling, and beard styling are more popular search topics for men aged 18 to 24, while British men between the ages of 35 and 49 were the most interested in grooming. Discoveries such as this gave the client insight into how different demographic groups think about shaving, thus informing their marketing strategies for those groups.

Our approach to market opportunity analysis and keyword research helped our client to determine how and where they should be talking about their products – and how they could better optimise their websites, YouTube channels, and other digital platforms to attract much larger numbers of visitors.