Campaign Tracking

Case study on digital analytics and measurement for one of the world’s biggest brands.

The Client

A world-leading manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods.

The Brief

Our client asked us to help them track a YouTube video campaign during its launch and execution, and to consult in the initial stages of the campaign to determine the best allocation of media spend.

This called on our uniquely powerful campaign tracking and social media analytics capabilities, which we used to track the performance of the video campaign across different platforms, markets, and segments.

The Process

Keyword research

First, we determined the platforms on which the campaign would be made viewable, setting up measuring systems on each of the major players – Facebook, Google, YouTube, and our client’s own website. We then used our usual combined approach to keyword research to determine how the brand’s audience would discuss this type of campaign. These terms were the basis on which we set up analytics tools, designed to track mentions of the campaign on major social media platforms.

Social listening & Campaign measurement

This preparation allowed us to track the campaign throughout its whole life cycle in real-time – accounting for nearly 140 million video views by audience members, and around 135,000 mentions of the campaign in social media. Our strategy teams were able to give the client rolling updates on how hard the campaign was working for them on each platform, enabling them to strategically reallocate media spending throughout the campaign life cycle. This ensured that for each of the 34 days of the campaign, resources were being allocated to those platforms where the strongest impact could be created at that exact time.

The Result

The campaign was considered a worldwide success. Our measurement not only provided comprehensive information to direct and control media spend, but also gave our client further actionable insights into the viewing habits of their brand’s online audience.

Campaign Plotting

We were able to show when viewing and sharing began to build, climax, and taper off across the life cycle of the campaign. This allowed us to optimise their media strategy and advise the client on the expected lifespan of future campaigns.

Social listening

We were able to sift through social media chatter to examine the reception of the campaign amongst various constituencies. While feedback was overwhelmingly positive, we were able to isolate reasons for the small amount of negativity that did occur in comments. This enabled us to recommend areas in which the client might need to reinforce or clarify the brand’s values, to help boost the success of any future online marketing drives.

We continue to work with our client to track and optimise their online campaigns, along with measuring and managing social media analytics for all of their global brands.