Brand Strategy Analysis

Case study on assessment of the digital performance of 16 household name brands, across five key markets.

The Client

A FTSE 100 company with ownership of over 400 brand names worldwide.

The Brief

The question put to us by the client was this: How are our top 16 brands performing online in Brazil, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the United States?

The audit would have to take into account all the brands’ digital properties, including websites, paid media, and social media, and provide an objective assessment of the company’s online performance. Based upon our findings, we would then make recommendations to local teams on how to improve performance, and track their progress in following these recommendations.

The Process

Social media analytics

Our first action was to identify the correct tools for measuring the 16 brands’ online performance, configuring tools already used by the brand, and filling in any blind spots using our own bespoke tools and expertise. Once we were satisfied that results would be accurate and relevant, we set about measuring and reviewing the data coming in, including almost 15 million page visits. We then compared the data against brand’s performance benchmarks, highlighting where and how results could be improved.

In analysing existing social network content published by each brand, one of the major factors we focused on was the reach and engagement of these posts – and how it could have encouraged more public interaction. Social listening was another major part of the project, and we reviewed almost half a million social mentions to build up a picture of brand perception and inform future responses to consumers.

Content Creation

We also posted content for each brand and market, ensuring each post was targeted at key demographic groups and influential opinion formers, and published at the optimal time of day. We then tracked these posts to highlight improvements in performance.

Each facet of the project involved both measuring the brand’s current effectiveness online, and showing each brand and market – through examples – how they could achieve more. The following statistics indicate the scale of that project over one year:

  • 84 reports delivered;
  • 189 data sources gathered and analysed;
  • 210 calls & presentations made;
  • 309 market specific reports created;
  • 354 recommendations made;
  • 460,000 social mentions manually reviewed; and
  • 14,500,500 web page visits reviewed.

The Results

In terms of the company’s broad online performance, from the outset it was clear that the 16 biggest brands enjoyed varying levels of digital success. Further research made it clear that a lack of uniformity in their approaches and uneven levels of online expertise were the underlying causes of much of this disparity.

However, thanks to the comprehensive nature of our analysis and our 350 plus recommendations, the positive results of this ongoing project have been far-reaching. Here is just a small selection of the ways in which we have helped the company to improve:

  • Facebook optimisation across all brands gained 50 million new engaged users;
  • improved bid targeting and landing pages resulted in 81% better engagement from paid search visitors;
  • paid search savings worth £1.68m for one brand;
  • bounce rate reduced by 20% for one brand’s website; and
  • rich snippet implementation alone resulted in better search rankings for one brand.

A measure of the success of this project is that many of the brands have not only sought our further consultation in analytics, but have chosen to use our other business services.


Mavens reports give us in-depth visibility of our digital performance in-market on an ongoing basis. Without this, we’d certainly be a little blind about our performance. We take these and work with our Digital Agency, to make Digestible Action Reports for our Top Brand Teams. The real value is (the custom slide) where we select a Live Campaign to deep-dive on, and invite the Brand Teams and Project Leaders to hear first-hand how to optimise their campaign.

—Global Brand Team

The report is truly valued by the Brand Team, and also helped drive adoption of healthier digital behaviours.

—Global Media Team