Our unique expertise, skill, and creative thinking in practice.

In this section of the site, we have prepared a selection of short case studies to show you what we can do. These illustrate some of our methods and successes in solving digital problems for world leading companies – many of whom are members of the FTSE 100 and 500 indices.

Primary Market Research

Using primary research methods, we conducted pre-launch investigation of a new service for a major coach operator.

Industry & Market Analysis

We used our unique approach to research and analyse the electrical shaving industry across three markets.

Market & Keyword Research

Using market needs analysis, customer insight and keyword research to optimise a campaign ahead of launch.

Innovation Research

We researched trends in digital storytelling for a consumer publisher, to help them continue to build engagement.

Brand Strategy Analysis

A full brand audit for a FTSE 100 company, analysing the performance of 16 brands across five different markets.

Social Media Strategy

Combining primary research with analytics to establish just how our client’s Facebook presence was working for them.

Website Optimisation

Using our SEO expertise to rethink and relaunch our client’s consumer advice website, hugely boosting its reach.

Social Media Monitoring

Finding out how much a leading food brand’s customers valued their values through social listening.

Campaign Tracking

Multi-platform, real-time campaign tracking and feedback analysis for a world leading goods manufacturer.