Meet the Mavens

Mavens owes its success to the strength of its in-house team of talented consultants, developers, and content producers; a team that is always growing. To give an idea of what you’ll be getting into – should you join us – we asked team members to share how they came to be here, and what interests them about the work they do with us.

When you start at Mavens, you’re joining a diverse team with a range of experience from different disciplines and industries. Meet them here.

Bea Davies, Principal Consultant

Combining deep industry expertise with client rapport, our Principals are problem obliteration engines.

Steve Jessop, Head of Development

The guiding fist behind a fearsome global array of crawlers, scrapers, servers, droids, and daemons; ever-watchful; ever-poised.

Elizabeth Wootten, Senior Developer

Sucking the tedium and repetition right out of your job, with a hoover of Python! Wait, that was awful.

Kirsty Judge, Author

A Mavens Author is creative and meticulous, providing content enjoyed by human meatbags and robotic overlords alike.

Jan Leonhardt, Senior Author

Not only produces reliable, detailed, and thoughtful optimised copy, but is a cause of it in others. Definitely not a Markov chain generator.

Lauren McDermott, Client Services Manager

Directs content team, delights clients. Job title is too long, I can't even