Mavens’ agency is responsible for producing high quality, targeted content – content that makes people come back for more. Using insights drawn from digital consumer behaviour and from local market culture, we help engage our clients’ audiences with creative copy and images that convey their brand values. To make our content easy for readers to find online, it is built upon a strong technical foundation that optimises performance in search rankings.

Our approach spans accessibility, content, and linking strategies to make sure that we provide the necessary signposts for search engines. We also undertake content marketing campaigns by establishing exchange partnerships with reputable bloggers and opinion formers. And then there is the work we do in communications and digital public relations, ensuring that brands use the right words, in the right places. 

Our agency team

The people at our agency possess a rich variety of experience and knowledge – diversity that we hope you can add to. Linguists, creative writers, designers, search engine optimisation specialists: we all carefully craft content for a wider audience, so it is fitting that we are called ‘Authors’. We do this by feeding off the expertly researched data and considered insight provided by our consultants, and pooling our individual talents and skills to produce quality, high-impact content.

When recruiting, we value intellect and initiative above any specific experience, but here are just some of the areas our people have expertise in:


Whether they’re writing a Facebook post for an automotive client, or a webpage for a tourism brand, our wordsmiths always know just what to say. We love language, so we’re always interested to hear from people with a skilful turn of phrase or an arresting written style. We can nurture and refine your raw ability, as long as you share our love of language. Apply now.

Outreach and PR

We build and maintain relationships with influential bloggers and forum owners, giving them quality content in return for a relationship that boosts the online presence of a client. Lateral thinking, persistence, research skills, and an engaging communication style and personality are some of the attributes we find useful when conducting outreach work. And we won’t complain if you also know your way around the internet. Apply now.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Because we love content so much, we want everyone to see it. So we optimise webpages, check site architecture, and ensure that search engines – and people using them – can easily find our clients’ content. This requires a methodical mind and some technical skills, but the most important trait you need is a desire to really get under the skin of the digital world.

Multimedia content production

As content is about more than just words, we need people who have a love and flair for audio-visual production. Be it illustrative how-to guides or infographics that demonstrate our carefully compiled stats, we often get involved in making things visually appealing for our clients.

An international team of writers and translators

We work closely with local teams and freelancers from all over the world. This enables us to craft copy that is as locally relevant as it is engaging and well optimised, in more than 15 languages. Perhaps you can help our clients reach a completely new market?

We’re always looking for talented people, and we’re open-minded about your experience, so if you have a passion for digital content, drop us a line. Apply now.