QA and Usability Testing

Exhaustive trial-and-error quality assurance, to help you give your customers a smooth user journey.

Mavens are able to conduct a full suite of quality assurance (QA) and usability testing on both your existing digital interfaces and any new products in the pre-launch stage. This is not restricted to website usability testing alone; we can also conduct testing on any aspect of a given service, or any aspect of a user’s journey through it.

We consider each case of QA testing a subset of auditing as well as research, and use the same discovery and assessment procedure. The process is always overseen by a Principal or Director-level consultant, and follows a strict regimen established with your senior leadership teams. This allows you to remain in overall control of the UX (user experience) design, while ensuring that we can optimise every element for truly outstanding performance.

A complete picture of user experience

We carry out QA and usability testing on a pattern-tracking basis. Our investigators are either asked to follow a step-by-step process to reach a certain outcome, or asked to try and achieve a certain outcome without any instructions. This allows us to measure the intuitiveness and usability of the service.

During testing, we use facial recognition software to gauge the on-the-spot reactions of our participants to the service they are using. This, combined with interviews and a wider supplement of incentivised primary research, allows us to paint a full picture of the responses of real users. Alongside the actual usability testing process, our senior researchers and principals will review design aspects at the finest possible level to ensure that all errors and glitches are spotted and removed before the product hits market.

Services we offer

Our quality assurance and usability testing services include:

  • test design;
  • quality assurance auditing;
  • incentivised primary research; and
  • tester interviewing and monitoring.