Off- and Online Focus Groups

Examining your customers’ opinions and needs in the greatest level of detail.

We conduct off- and online focus groups as part of our wider set of primary research into your customers’ online behaviour and attitudes. This means that the most common criticism of focus group research (that it relies too heavily on the opinion of too small a sample) is counterbalanced by the weight of other, quantitative research results. This is indicative of our flexible, comprehensive approach to gauging and collecting consumer sentiment. Our priority is to ensure that the data we gather – and the subsequent analysis we provide – is as useful to you as possible.

The right level of focus for reliable results

We generally poll customer focus groups of 6-8 individuals, in-line with the industry standard for best practice. The selection process is rigorous, ensuring you get the most relevant opinions.

The size and careful selection of our focus group designs guards against potential bias towards the opinions of any rogue panel members. We source our groups from a number of worldwide panels, and can conduct focus groups in any market.

We use focus groups as supplementary research to more wide-reaching online surveys and raw data collection and analysis. That means we can always be sure the picture our research paints of the world and the experiences of your customers is as complete and as accurate as possible. Since we develop survey and analysis methodologies on a project-by-project basis, we can also always be sure the answers we get are the ones that will solve your business problems.

Services we offer

Our off- and online focus group research is always calibrated for the greatest level of accuracy possible. To achieve this, we perform:

  • panel selection and moderation;
  • question and session design;
  • results calibration; and
  • methodology design.