Customer Interviews

One-on-one interviews, for a complete picture of your customers’ online experience.

We can arrange and conduct one-on-one customer interviews to target specific business problems or gaps in your knowledge of consumer opinions. This helps complete a qualitative analysis of your brand’s online presence.

While we also conduct focus groups as part of our qualitative research offering, we may choose to interview participants individually in special circumstances. We may also interview non-participants as a comparative exercise, ascertaining responses to particular parts of a user journey or particular aspects of the brand. In profiling and selecting candidates for customer survey interviews, we apply our usual rigour, ensuring we only interview those whose opinions can enhance the quality of data gathered.

The impact of our customer insights

We can use one-on-one interviews to assess consumer attitudes to your new products and services in the pre-release stages. We can then identify potential problems, gauge potential brand impact, and find out more about user context. Our usual practice is to conduct several one-on-one interviews in succession,with customers from different demographics, in order to compare and contrast, and gain a full appreciation of customer feedback.

As with all our primary research techniques, we only conduct one-on-one interviews if they are relevant to your bespoke methodology. We will also regularly incorporate primary online data research and refer to our own secondary research from projects in similar areas, such as our pre-existing keyword libraries. By applying an open-minded approach, which makes full use of our considerable resources and expertise, we get the answers that give you real insight – and real ways to move forward.

Services we offer

To ensure the customer feedback we share with you is as accurate, relevant, and useful as possible, our interview process always includes:

  • targeted interviewee selection;
  • question and methodology design;
  • interviewing; and
  • analysis and reporting.