Digital Marketing Research

We conduct a full spectrum of digital marketing research, using both publicly available tools and our own proprietary toolkit to generate data. This combined approach makes all of our market research extremely powerful, and our experience in the field ensures it is always robust, rigorously conducted, and reliable.

Keyword Research

Discovering what your customers are looking for, so you can make sure they find it.

Market Needs Analysis

Helping you to explore your market’s landscape and decide where to take your digital strategy next.

Content Gap Analysis

Is something missing from your website? We’ll find out what it is – and help you fill in the gaps.

Social Network Analysis

Finding out what people are saying about your brand, and helping you join the conversation.

Digital market research that reaches the right people

One of the factors that make our market research reliable is that we are able to reach your target demographic online, as well as setting up panels and conducting interviews in person. Allowing respondents to answer questions at a distance – via the internet – lets us learn from consumers in their native environment, without outside influence. They can answer questions more freely, giving us a clearer indication of how consumers actually behave.

Rigorously planned market research – for actionable findings

We are keenly aware of the problems that different businesses face in managing vastly different objectives and assets in digital marketing. We therefore work with your senior leadership teams to determine a clear set of project requirements. We also develop research methodologies unique to your business goals, as the need arises.

All of our market research is conducted in the service of specific problems and objectives. That means we always report our findings as a series of actions, rather than as an unhelpful information dump.