Build and Development

An in-depth website audit can uncover a lot of things. Sometimes, it can reveal the need to build new site architecture, or supporting back-end software, for your business. In such cases, our development team will create fully bespoke software, databases, and site designs that address the unique data and traffic requirements of your company.

Business Intelligence Software

Auditing, analytics, and data handling software, adapted to your company’s intelligence needs.

Database Design

Keeping your data organised, accessible, and secure, so that you can build on what it tells you.

Working with your teams

All our bespoke software development services are coordinated with your company’s key stakeholders, following a methodical process that covers all bases. We work to eliminate redundant systems, and we train your personnel in the use of new, vastly more effective ones. If necessary, we can implement change management processes to ease the transition.

Bespoke application development

Since much of our work involves locating and parsing online information, we are naturally opinionated about web scraping and content analysis methods. As with analytics tools, sometimes the best solution is a homemade one; leading us to create scrapers, crawlers, and other applications for internal use.

That was the starting point for our diversification into bespoke application development; another way we can apply expertise to help you solve business problems.

Business intelligence software

No two businesses have the same intelligence-gathering requirements. Our teams will develop a software system to capture what is important to your market and your business strategy. Data we collect with this software feeds into our own analytics, and helps inform the development of your online strategy.

Database design

If you are collecting huge volumes of data, you need a robust storage architecture. We can develop custom databases that reflect the unique demands of your datasets. They are designed to keep your data all in one place, easy to cross-reference, and governed by processes that ensure the system never collapses when someone adds a new entry.